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Welcome to Leo's Animal Friends! We are a unique, family-run business in Hemel Hempstead hiring out large cuddly (battery-powered) ride-on animal toys for children's parties, amusements and attractions.

Leo's Animal Friends can operate at shopping centres, birthday parties and special events or wherever the designated area permits.

ride on animal toys by leo's animal friends

We usually operate within a 20 mile radius of Hemel Hempstead, but we can travel further if required and there would be a small additional charge to cover our travel costs if you'd like to hire us from further away!

We can supply your party or event with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 animals, depending on safety restrictions and area size with no problems or worries to the booker!

With 3 children of our own, you can be assured we know exactly what is required from us when it comes to the safety of children!

ride on animal toys by leo's animal friends

We hold a £5 million public liability insurance certificate, a detailed risk assessment, and all of our animals are PAT electrical tested. We also train and develop our staff to a very high standard. All copies of these documents can be viewed on request.

All animals are cleaned thoroughly before each event to maintain the upkeep, safety and hygiene of all our clients.

ride on animal toys by leo's animal friends

About the animals:

  • Size: 119 x 69 x 89cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Running time: 6-8 hours
  • Speed: 2.5mph (slower than walking pace)
  • Power: Each animal is powered buy a 12v, 20A/22Ah battery which is pre-charged before each event
  • Safety: All animals are made from smooth materials with no sharp corners, edges or points
ride on animal toys by leo's animal friends


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